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Education is the act or process which imparts or acquires general knowledge, develops the
powers of reasoning and judgment, and trains the individual for mature life. It is the result
produced by instruction, training or study. In this regard, library plays a vital role in
education system in any institute. The collection helps in supporting higher education as well
as research activities; and has assumed a new dimension today in the context of the
phenomenal growth of knowledge. The institute has a separate team for the library which
looks after its continuous development and upgradation. The team has been formed to
formulate rules for book policy, book procurement, communication with the various journal
publishing authorities and rules and regulations for the usage of library. Located at the first
floor, the library of the institute has a separate reading arrangement where students and
faculties can share their ideas and explore the world the pharmacy. The carpet area of the
library measures around 150 Sq.m. Library has a book issuing counter, a desk for the
librarian, stack for book and journal, a Reference section, Section for Novels. Access to the
library can be done from 9 a.m. to 5 p. m. on all weekdays. Ms. Juri Devi, B.Sc, MLISc.
manages the library.
Library has an open access system that follows the abridged latest edition of “Dewey
Decimal Classification 23 Edition, 2011” with the edition of” DDC 615 Pharmaceutics,
Therapeutics, Toxicology.” The library uses UNIV software for the management of library
book records. Library collection includes Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry,
Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy Management & related subjects, Reference books
like the IP, Martindale, and Manuals etc.; besides this the collection also includes books to
improve English proficiency, Question banks, previous years question papers of ASTU and
SSUHS. Library has a collection of Reference Books & Journals.
At present the library has a collection of 450 book titles and 2074 book volumes, 7 national
and 8 international journal in the field of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry,
Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy.
The college management invests more than 1 lakhs yearly for the upliftment and upgradation
of the book collection annually. Near about 300 readers are enlisted in the library register and
on average more than 50 students uses the library everyday including faculty members. Three
books are issued for students for a period of 10 days. Separate registers are maintained for
daily entry and issue for faculty and students of each batch. Reprographic service is available
to all at a nominal cost at the photocopy centre situated on the ground floor in the office
room. Besides circulation of books & periodicals the library staffs are always ready to render
reference services to readers. Recently the library is under the process of computerization and
online access of the library collection, where the user can see the status of a book. For
assuring the security, the library is installed with 24 X 7 CCTV surveillance system.
With the limited financial resources, the college, in spite of this the college is trying to
develop library that is equivalent to international standards. It is the aim of the library team to
keep the library updated to suffice the needs of staff and students.
Library Area:
Total Area in Sq. m. 150
Book Stack Area in Sq. m. 50
Journal Stack area in Sq. m. 20
Library Infrastructure:
Fans: 10
Library tables (for students): 26
Library tables (for faculty): 3
Seating chairs (for students): 50
Seating chairs (for faculty): 6
Rack for keeping belongings: 2
Library facilities:
Working hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5 p. m. (weekdays except holidays)
Subject Standard Classification: Dewey Decimal Classification, 2011
Circulation of Books: 3 Books for 10 days (students)
4 books for 15 days (faculty)
Reference service: Available
Reprographic service: Available
Internet facility:
LAN: Available
WiFi: Available
Newspaper service: Available
Library Books:
No. Of Titles: 483 titles
Total volume of Books: 2758
Yearly Addition of Volumes: 150
No. of Textbooks: 2741
No. of Reference Books: 3
No. of General Books: 20
Total no. of Audio-Video Materials:
List of Printed Journals: 15
International Printed Journals: 8
1. International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research
2. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
3. International Journal of Traditional System of Medicine
4. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
5. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
6. Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research
7. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
8. Pharma times
National Printed Journals: 7
1. Indian Journal of Chemistry: A
2. Indian Journal of Chemistry: B
3. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
4. Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
5. Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources
6. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
7. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts
Library Staff:
Library staff includes one Librarian Ms. Juri Devi, B.Sc, MLISc. and one Library attendant.
There is a library committee to decide policies budget, Rules & regulations related to the
working of the library.
This is the Pharmaceutical academic library with the “Dewey Decimal Classification, 2011”
with the edition of “DDC 615 Pharmaceutics, Therapeutics, Toxicology”
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